Fishtailed [verb]

Definition of Fishtailed:

change back and forth

Synonyms of Fishtailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fishtailed:

Sentence/Example of Fishtailed:

Hooyah followed within hailing distance, and they kept the same relative positions until they reached Fishtail Gulch.

At times, too, he was active with his Grenatenwerfer, known to the troops as the Pineapples or Fishtail.

It is necessary in this case to split it and join the two pieces with a fishtail splice in the handle.

Yet either the batwing or the fishtail tip can be used in any common burner except the argand.

Uncle John appeared unwilling to abandon the fishtail wenches, and countered with classical texts.

The 'fishtail' was a small trench-mortar bomb, which the Germans substituted for the rifle-grenade and used with great effect.

Cannon-mouth barrel, brass mountings and lockplate, fishtail butt.

The mast, of a chosen trunk of fir, was set upright in a log with ends shaped like a fishtail.

These daring airmen also dropped fishtail bombs on the Huns.