Fissure [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fissure:

What’s needed now is not punishment for insurrection, they say, but rather “healing” for a country rent by partisan fissures.

Stories strengthen the bonds of community, or can widen the fissures between them.

They were real, and they revealed real fissures in our relationship that we needed to look at, even if they weren’t going to bust up the foundation.

The deep fissures in our society that run along the lines of race, gender and education deepened, and the great divide between those companies that are tech savvy and those that are not widened.

Getting those cards on the table helped all parties realize there was no way to turn back the clock and magically fix the underlying fissures.

The pandemic, and the social fissures it has exacerbated, including stark divides along class and racial lines, has scrambled the usual categories of American life, including those that once governed the arts.

However, we might be surprised by where the court goes next or where fissures emerge among the GOP-appointed justices.

This prevents the lowest ring from settling while those above remain in position, which would cause an ugly fissure.

In the description of “The House of Usher,” position emphasizes the barely perceptible fissure.

The older group commenced with a series of fissure eruptions along the site of the present rift-valley and parallel with it.