Fissured [verb]

Definition of Fissured:

clear, expose; spread

Synonyms of Fissured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fissured:

Sentence/Example of Fissured:

Two miles away, in the middle of the plain, appeared a ruin of adobe walls, guttered and fissured by the weather.

The coast was a kaleidoscope of sable rocks, blue cascades, and fissured ice-falls.

On our left, northwards, the mountains consist 195 of vertical fissured granite in wild pyramidal forms.

Upon its crumbling ramparts parsley has found root, and encircling its fissured base is a broad moat of gravy.

The whole stratum is too shelly and fissured to be of value for economical purposes.

The shallow pools of water had been dried up by the intense heat, leaving exposed an expanse of black mud fissured by cracks.

Why should the surface regularly bulge out in one part to become fissured elsewhere?

The bark varies from dark red to gray and is shallowly fissured or scaly.

And in the next moment the rock above his head, fissured deep by the rains, slipped again.

And the next instant they caught sight of other houses which were tottering, leaning forward, fissured and half-demolished.