Fists [noun]

Definition of Fists:

clenched hand

Synonyms of Fists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fists:

Sentence/Example of Fists:

SROs “say that students stop and chat with them, ask for advice, do a fist bump, talk about sports … so we wanted to make sure we added a definition.”

They twice used a Taser and repeatedly punched the man, who allegedly struck back with his fists and feet and snatched one of their police radios.

He’d installed an arcade machine at the rear and we’d lean over the screen and cuss all week, late to getting home, pumping our fists and sticking coins between the buttons to book the next play.

Alankar believes a haymaker is bunching its fist and could strike at any time.

The disturbingly wealthy have launched rockets over streets filled with people in cloth masks raising their fists and demanding justice, while SWAT teams dispense surveillance drones and teargas.

He shut his fist and hit Butterface a weak but well intended right-hander on the nose.

Aristide picked it up and began to dance and shake his fist at the invisible police.

She took to staring out across the grounds again, and one hand drew up slowly till it was doubled into a tight-shut little fist.

There was a picture of Madame Lebrun with Robert as a baby, seated in her lap, a round-faced infant with a fist in his mouth.

Once again, the strong, black fist was clinched in the approaching monster's face.