Fitly [adverb]

Definition of Fitly:


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Sentence/Example of Fitly:

He is a disciplined man; I never saw a person to whom that word could be so fitly applied.

In your radiant and immaculate bosom the divine spark may be enshrined, a place without sullying where it may fitly nestle.

Such as could fitly be told, and must be told, we have been telling for years past, knowing that the truth must prevail.

We may fitly do so now; as at the stage of his career we have reached, his creative activity had come to a close.

Yamba was full of vigour and resource, while the only phrase that fitly describes her bush lore is absolutely miraculous.

Thus an account of them seems to round it off fitly with a "Bon voyage" to every one.

Demos was politely informed by a noble earl that he was not costumed fitly to meet the King.

Within an hour Schmidt had the little French surgeon at his bedside, and soon Ren's face and torn thigh were fitly dressed.

In this country the most noted example is that of King Arthur, who may fitly give his name to the type.

With extra dainties like figs, cake and a bottle of wine, we felt that the occasion was fitly celebrated.