Fittingly [adverb]

Definition of Fittingly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fittingly:

Sentence/Example of Fittingly:

At last she dismissed the pair of them, bidding the captain see that he was washed and more fittingly clothed.

Rigid care has been taken to exclude such dramatic pieces which are fittingly described as "side-splitting farces."

Now I was dressed, as fittingly as possible in the circumstances, but I felt that my chief need was a bed to lie down upon.

Indeed, from its ornamentation, the stool would seem to go more fittingly with the very elegant piano shown in Figure 92.

How to approach this subject again most fittingly, was now the constant object of his thoughts.

This was entirely a religious ceremony, and was fittingly respected by all the natives present.

His clothes were so well cut and his linen so glossy that he seemed fittingly placed even beside the magnificent Finola.

As a matter of history, a copy of the abstract of conveyance may, perhaps, be fittingly introduced.

Still less, then, can such things be fittingly offered to the True God Who is above all gods.

Therefore life is not fittingly divided according to contemplation and action.