Fixate [verb]

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Maybe that the viewer choosing to fixate on this detail isn’t the intended audience.

Instead of hailing the many ways tech is changing our lives, these critics say journalists fixate on negative stories, pursuing hit pieces and takedowns that serve their own agenda.

It’s difficult to find relief from stressors if your mind is constantly fixating on and recirculating harmful thoughts about them.

Rather than fixating on the details, it’s better to take a step back to look for broader patterns in the literature.

His daughter Robyn Sweet described him as a self-employed handyman in his late 50s who lives in rural Virginia and became increasingly fixated with conspiracy theories after Barack Obama was elected president.

As it begins to happen, you fixate even more, and it just gets worse.

Rather than fixating on a single insight too early, or on a small segment of existing data, marketers should look at a much wider array of input and take bold actions to disrupt the market.

So, don’t just fixate on incorporating keywords and building backlinks in the hopes of better search rankings.

Joan Vickers, a scientist at the University of Calgary, introduced the concept of the “quiet eye,” when in the final milliseconds of preparation for a shot, athletes fixate on one target — like the rim of a basket or the upper corner of the goal.

The business world—Silicon Valley in particular—is fixated on solving problems.