Fixations [noun]

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Since the early 1970s, one of his primary fixations has been getting the population of rich countries to think about the global poor.

On political matters, Lewis and Libby note Faulconer’s extreme caution and fixation on optics defined his leadership style and led to a lot of inaction.

The other school says that a fixation on deep learning is holding us back.

Similarly, “Euphoria,” a bold, experimental high school drama, also explores penis size, connecting the fixation on size to toxic masculinity.

This Amazon organizer should be perfect for you—especially if you’ve got a shoe fixation.

Those stains which are dissolved in methyl-alcohol combine fixation with the staining process.

Nystagmus occasionally occurs in monocular fixation (with exclusion of the other eye).

The result of always using the better eye for fixation is, that fixation is not learnt with the weaker one.

With the aid of a red glass changing fixation is easily produced even without prisms, but never diplopia.

The squint gradually disappeared, but still occurred sometimes on keen fixation.