Fixedly [adverb]

Definition of Fixedly:

with concentration

Synonyms of Fixedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fixedly:

Sentence/Example of Fixedly:

Freight trains come far more often than earthquakes, but they don’t tend to run on fixed schedules.

Given the way that different positioning systems operate, the fixed and variable costs for each system are highly dependent on desired coverage area and necessary transmitter density.

From a scientific perspective, there is every reason for biologists to join with Buddhists in rejecting what the latter call svabhava, fixed and unchanging essence.

Once operations are halted, the costs of staying open become fixed, and include things like rent and paying anyone still left on the team.

Accurate parallax estimates require the angle between the two fields of view to stay fixed.

The face of the seated man was lowered, but from under heavy brows his abnormally large eyes regarded her fixedly.

Grenfell gazed at him fixedly, and neither of the men said anything for the next minute or two.

She was staring fixedly at the shop windows as though some dreadful thing had taken shape against the panes.

Mrs. Falchion rose to a sitting posture, and looked at the girl fixedly, almost fiercely.

He did not change his position except as he turned his head to gaze fixedly at the western forest wall.