Fixity [noun]

Definition of Fixity:

personal determination

Synonyms of Fixity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fixity:

Sentence/Example of Fixity:

But there was arising a quiver in the fingers he held which belied the emotionless fixity of her face.

Their eyes met in a lingering fixity, each with a question that did not find utterance.

She gave a start, drew a little back and looked at him with a certain startled fixity as if he had stopped all else in her.

As the cottages belong to the landowners, fixity or certainty of tenure is like taking their rights from them.

And at last the wheel has rest, is still, Shrunk to an adamant core: Fulfilling its will in fixity.

Here was he as firm as a rock, and showed a fixity of purpose that nothing could shake or alter.

And Larry was still unconscious that the old eyes were now watching him with their deep-set, expressionless fixity.

I had no desire to linger between that dame and the purpose, whatever it might be, that dwelt in the fixity of her frown.

But now his face was curiously splotched red and white and his eyes blazed seaward in fixity.

Together with this limited character of their wants, we find a fixity of conditions, due to their long isolation.