Fizzes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Fizzes:

I shall give 'em real turtle from Birch's, and as for fizz, they shall swim in it if they like.

There's nothing like fizz, it makes 'em all so friendly; and as for music, I've secured Toot and Kinney.

The fizz water must have something of the sort of thing that old Ponce de Leon sought.

So your Seltzer water doesn't pour fast enough to fizz outside the bottle, and your heart is sad.

Silver Fizz rushed in, hoping to stop him, Morris and Hank closely following his lead.

When soda and sour milk are drawn together there is a great stew and fizz, but the end thereof is sweetness and usefulness.

Under the remorseless hands of Nicholas he began to splutter and choke, to fizz, and finally explode with astonishment and wrath.

The rising will probably be a sort of Chinese cracker affair—a fizz, a few bangs, and a splutter-out.

One silver-fizz before dinner is nothing; but dinner did not come at once, and the boys were thirsty.

Then I would go to a slap-up restaurant, and have green peas, and a bottle of fizz, and a chump chop—Oh!