Fizzy [adjective]

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For so many years, it seemed like the imagination stopped after fizzy lemonade or a Shirley Temple, but, somewhere around 2016, it became impossible not to notice that the drinks world was moving beyond that.

Nitro cold brew makerNitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas for a creamy, smooth, somewhat fizzy feel that can be likened to beer.

Captain Nansen led Everett to his cot and gave him fizzy salts, but it was not until sundown that the trembling and nausea ceased.

We began to complain, and to long for the cool corridors and fizzy drinks and protecting screens of the hotel.

His son Fizzy Fry left his place as clerk in the hotel and went to work in the corn-cutting machine factory.

Much more than other people, because they drink lemonade and fizzy things, and the more you drink of those the more good you get.'

The Eau dvian is about the only table water universally sold in Europe that isnt fizzy, and is accordingly popular—and expensive.

Im afraid Mr. Greatorex will be a trifle fizzy; but that wont matter, afterwards.

His name was Jacob, but he was called in derision Fizzy Fry.

He finished his fizzy lemonade and lay down beside her, belching.