Fjords [noun]

Definition of Fjords:

narrow inlet

Synonyms of Fjords:




Opposite/Antonyms of Fjords:


Sentence/Example of Fjords:

The little white house of Skipper Randulf stood on an elevation, looking over the bay and the fjord.

The fjord below lay as smooth as a mirror, the outermost headlands and islands seeming to stand out of the water.

And it was at this season that the fjord near-by which the kings most oft abode gat its name of Harding.

Send also word to Erling to go out of the fjord so that we may meet in More.

The wind was sweeping down over the meadow, and driving the thick smoke from the pitch-house out over the fjord.

Men say that the islands called Olafseyjar, lying in the fjord about a mile and a half from Reykjanes, belonged to Thorgils.

And he cast a longing glance through the doorway of the shed, at Johnsen, of the tug Rap, steaming down the fjord with his tow.

Well, you could take a run down the fjord on one of the coasting steamers any time you like.

Furthermore, there was the loveliest view over the harbour and the fjord through one of the big windows.

Soren Braaten, rowing out over the fjord to meet the steamer, passed close by his old ship Birkebeineren.