Flack [noun]

Definition of Flack:

complaint, gripe

Synonyms of Flack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flack:

Sentence/Example of Flack:

Fortunately for her the milk in the revolving churn at that moment changed its squashing for a decided flick-flack.

When you and the others were at the old Flack mansion Samuels mentioned a subject that lies close to my heart.

When it grew dark the flick-flack of lightening played across the sky and it showed the men's faces white and drawn.

Flack smiled, went out and returned with his license to sell liquor, and his commission as a magistrate of New York State.

She was out in conditions in which even Judson Flack, had he met her, could hardly have detected her.

Flack met and stabbed him in the lower part of his abdomen with a knife, letting out his bowels.

"Well, he's a prince compared with Mr. Flack," Delia declared.

"Good-bye, Mr. Flack," said Francie, trying to gain ground from him.

"Well, I was in hopes I could show you something," Mr. Flack said.

"You draw me out and then you gibe at me," Mr. Flack returned.