Flagellating [verb]

Definition of Flagellating:

whip, lash

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Sentence/Example of Flagellating:

These cells, called choanocytes, resemble independent animals of the Protozoa, known as flagellate Infusoria or Choanoflagellata.

Most of the flagellate infusoria do just the reverse; they are anodically sensitive or positively galvanotactic.

Other modifications are whip-like processes, or flagellate filaments, called vibracula, which constantly beat the water.

C, Later stage, resolving itself into two flagellate gametes.

An aberrant flagellate bearing a single flagellum and a silicious skeleton resembling those of the Radiolaria.

Active free-swimming movements are only met with in the case of the flagellate zoospores ( 142).

They flagellate themselves with their whips, and the strokes resound on their breasts.

This is contrition; the contrite heart may love to flagellate itself in love of Him who suffered sinless.

Byron, Shelley, and Moore all flagellate him in their poetry.

There is now little doubt that the Ectospora possess a flagellate ancestry.