Flagellation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flagellation:

Take him in repose, and he looked a lank ascetic who dreamed of a happy land where flagellation was a joy and pain a panacea.

In the English erotic literature, it is remarkable how often and how fully the flagellation of children is described.

He distinguished himself by his deification of the Virgin and his devotion to flagellation.

Can flagellation, fasting, Nor fervent prayer itself, not cleanse my soul From its fond doting on her comeliness?

If they happen to meet with a ne plus ultra, abuse them, and send them back; if they grumble, flagellation is necessary.

The nobleman superintended the flagellation of Gough, and at every stroke insulted him with taunts and inquiries how he liked it.

It was just such a flagellation as the slavocrats deserved, and such a one as they never received before in the Senate.

It is generally accompanied by flagellation, which has for its object to purify the voluntary victim from the stain of sin.

The looks that the people would bestow upon him would sting more than flagellation.

In both sections, after the flagellation, a chain is tied around the Indians neck, and in this way many of them die.