Flagged [verb]

Definition of Flagged:

decline, fall off

Synonyms of Flagged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flagged:

Sentence/Example of Flagged:

Those jutting Us are like a flag waving to special immune system proteins called Toll-like receptors.

If your phone thinks it’s been within six feet of flagged devices for at least 15 minutes in a day, you’ll get an alert that you may have been exposed, including information about what to do next.

The remaining 5 percent of the roughly 22 million flagged posts in the past quarter were reported by users.

Although Facebook patted itself on the back for flagging misinformation, it didn’t have any numbers for how many election-related lies that it missed.

His narrative — set among the glitzy-rich of Palm Beach — wanders around a bit, but with all the lovingly biting detail, there isn’t a page here that flags.

We see some of the anger directed at PG&E but don’t hear about the company’s long history of red flags in failing to prevent wildfire ignitions from power lines.

The FAA required that a cockpit alert — meant to flag problems with the sensors, but that didn’t work unless airlines chose that option — is on all planes.

We do however flag very clearly for everyone around when such content violates any of our policies.

Our approach in labeling content actually allows us to, at the source flag content, that might potentially harm people, and also provide people additional context and additional conversation around it.

Some of these had been flagged as new essential genes in Long’s earlier study, but their function was not well understood.