Flagmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flagmen:

The division engineer, with his front flagman, had already galloped half a mile away across the plain.

He has also made some changes in his force, and is going to see what sort of a front flagman Glen Eddy will make.

Three shrill whistle calls sent a sleepy flagman racing to set the switch of the siding.

Heres a handful, my hearty, and the flagman darted into the little shanty and out again with a fistful of great chunks of chalk.

The flagman on the end of the train had helped the boy aboard the last car as the train started to move.

He had never done any such service as that, but he understood the business of a flagman was to stop trains.

A flagman stays there to stop people from crossing the tracks when the train is coming.

The flagman unrolled his flag, and then he looked both ways along the road that crossed the railroad.

But what interested Laddie and Vi most about the flagman was that he wore big gold rings in his ears.

Her gaze was fastened upon the flagman who had showed such anxiety for her safety and that of Laddie.