Flagrancy [noun]

Definition of Flagrancy:

flagrant state

Synonyms of Flagrancy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flagrancy:


Sentence/Example of Flagrancy:

When his passion should subside, would he not perceive the flagrancy of his injustice, and hasten to atone for it?

The young wife perceived that it would be impossible to arouse him to any just realization of the flagrancy of his fault.

The principal cause of the Reformation was the general corruption of the Church and the flagrancy of its oppression.

There is still very much to be done there, but the former flagrancy of vice has been abolished.

And yet how often have the ludicrousness and the flagrancy been repeated, with far less temptation!

But it seems to me a strange and dangerous thing to infer a man's innocence merely from the flagrancy of his guilt.

The flagrancy of crime which brought about a political revolution five years ago exists today as it did then.

And, unless she were discovered to be living in absolute flagrancy, they would throw down the carpet.