Flagrant [adjective]

Definition of Flagrant:

flaunting, blatant; without shame

Opposite/Antonyms of Flagrant:

Sentence/Example of Flagrant:

She would receive money again for perpetuating it in a more flagrant form.

His impossibility appeared more flagrant in the face of Laura's marvellous achievement.

But even I was driven to protest against such flagrant unfairness. '

When the thing happened it appeared to be a flagrant and indubitable case of treachery; everyone was speaking of it.

So far as I could learn from my informant, the case was one of flagrant persecution, with no culpable occasion behind it.

To Keith he wrote privately, and in a conciliatory spirit, but nothing that made his act less flagrant.

Messalinda came quickly at her heels with no less flagrant humility.

Yet I do not think that anyone could complain if the more flagrant offenders were chastised.

I dare say, in many outwardly flagrant cases, the offenders were only expatiating on the merits or demerits of absent friends.

Arrived before the magistrate, the prisoner, taken in "flagrant délit," had of course no valid defense to offer.