Flags [noun]

Definition of Flags:

pennant, symbol

Synonyms of Flags:

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Sentence/Example of Flags:

At the battle of Bassano, of the five flags wrested from the enemy Lannes captured two with his own hands.

All the bamboo clappers, cocoanut shells, tin pans, and red flags that could be found were seized and put into use.

On the line taken by the troops many native householders hoisted white flags to indicate their peaceful intentions.

On the high ridge running down to the lake the Bacólod fort was clearly seen flying the battle flags of defiance.

For some distance our road lay through narrow streets or alleys paved with large flags.

And he concludes with announcing that he sends several flags taken from the enemy.

In a short time, just as Captain Barry was brought on deck with his wound dressed, their flags came down.

Yet, notwithstanding these engagements, the traffic had been carried on almost entirely under the flags of Portugal and Spain.

The present secretary has courteously sent a photograph of this picture, also of the flags, as an historical contribution.

As the ships came on, boats put out with flags and carrying men who wore two swords.