Flagstones [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flagstones:

Animated by this fresh hope, the party now worked away, and in a few minutes had lifted the ponderous flagstone.

He walked up what had once been a concrete path and was now an ornate flagstone path.

Her eyes were downcast, and one little foot tapped the flagstone nervously.

A recent rain had washed the streets from curb to curb, and under foot flagstone and asphalt lay clean as steel.

He took him with him and left him in under a flagstone in the church.

Would you not like to see her dance a ballet de triomphe on the broad flagstone I laid over the grave of that poor girl?

Milo found him walking about his room, taking long, carefully accurate strides from flagstone to flagstone.

And I think the Nipper recalled that name as he ground his heel upon an unresponsive flagstone.

The instant after, a soldier seized him who was to be shot by the shoulder and forced him to bend his knee upon the flagstone.

They had come now upon the main street of the village, with its flagstone sidewalk overhung by a lofty canopy of elm-boughs.