Flaky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flaky:

I’m fond of the flaky poached cod, too, sauced with dill oil and horseradish.

Sprinkle the cookies with the flaky sea salt while still warm.

Terri-Ann has recipes for oxtails robed in velvety gravy, flaky golden beef patties, and, to my great satisfaction, jerk chicken.

And he himself brought her the golden-brown bouillon, in a dainty Sevres cup, with a flaky cracker or two on the saucer.

She had forced herself to eat most of her soup, and now she was picking the flaky bits of a court bouillon with her fork.

The residue in the dish consisted of undecomposed tar and an olive-green flaky substance.

His biscuits came to the table hot and flaky, his bacon was done to a turn.

This flaky part is as white as snow, and is the only eatable part of the fruit.

But the savory broiled oysters and flaky biscuit failed to smooth the perplexed brow of M. Verduret.

“It is war rations,” he said, as some dried meat and mealies stamped to a kind of flaky paste were produced.