Flambeaux [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flambeaux:

She passed outward, two others passed in; a dying flambeau showed the features of Iftikhar and Hakem.

A la pàle lueur d'un magique flambeau S'élève un vil autel dressé sur un tombeau.

In travelling at night, they used to tie one to each great toe; and in fishing and hunting, required no other flambeau.

The moine flambeau, he that is burning with fervour, would possess Him with his passion like a woman.

A red or white Lamarre flambeau consists of a sheet rubber tube filled with one of the above-named compositions.

When the charging has been effected, the flambeau is primed by inserting a quickmatch in the composition.

"Well, if he's ambitious, he ought to be satisfied now," said Flambeau rather bitterly.

In the stillness Flambeau shifted his seat sharply—making an isolated and echoing noise—and threw his elbow over the angle of it.

Something in the stolid way he did so caused Flambeau's fierce black eyes to ramble over his companion afresh.

"Nor me either," replied Flambeau frowning, while the other went on eating fish with an air of entire resignation.