Flamboyance [noun]

Definition of Flamboyance:

exhibitionism, flashiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Flamboyance:

Sentence/Example of Flamboyance:

Where Freireich was brusque and flamboyant, impulsive to a fault, and passionate about every detail, Frei was cool, composed, and cautious, a poised negotiator.

He allowed Master Sean a certain amount of flamboyance; good sorcerers were hard to come by.

There was none of this flamboyance about the Widow Boursier.

Then might the bright flamboyance which he gave to Society have made his reign more beautiful than any other—a real renaissance.

He gave in his bright flamboyance a passing renascence to Society.

They have a passion for commonplace, and in moments of emotion they fly with unerring instinct into the flamboyance of melodrama.'

They will forgive a certain flamboyance about the author's preliminaries.

The beauty of others was vulgarized by the flamboyance of some irrelevant detail, such as hair.

Every turn of her head and of her body displayed a higher flamboyance, a richer audacity, a larger volume of intention.