Flanges [noun]

Definition of Flanges:

edge, brink

Synonyms of Flanges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flanges:

Sentence/Example of Flanges:

The top flange consisted of cast iron hollow castings butted end to end, and the struts were of cast iron.

A main girder consists of an upper and lower flange, boom or chord and a vertical web.

Through the oval-shaped flange two bolts pass for attaching the bearing to the wrought-iron framing of the tender.

One flange was fastened to the wall of the dark room in a convenient place to support the device.

The bottoms of these mugs have a flange which makes a recessed part and in this the heating element is placed.

As these cylinders were to fit into holes bored in a steel bedplate, it was necessary to have a flange at one end.

This is merely an iron pot, with a close fitting flange lid so as to seclude all dust and ashes, and we used it in this way.

This shaft has upon its opposite end a plate perforated with holes, E, which is fixed upon the flange of a horizontal pipe, F.

They are quickly riveted to the upper flange of the saddle: the locomotive is coming into a semblance of itself.

Where the great flange or wing ploughs—the ordinary snow-fighting artillery of a railroad—fail, they come into service.