Flanked [adjective]

Definition of Flanked:

limited, confined

Synonyms of Flanked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flanked:

Sentence/Example of Flanked:

However, those conditions were unclear, and in all likelihood he will remain in Swansea and provide depth on the flanks.

Sliced flank steak sponges the heat of the curry paste in which it’s stir-fried, along with eggplant and such tropical enhancers as lemongrass and lime leaves.

In mid- to late February—if you’re lucky and the snowpack delivers—you’ll catch Horsetail Fall, which flows over the eastern flank of El Capitan only during heavy winters.

It’s 2021, and there were Megan Rapinoe, 35, starting on the left flank and Carli Lloyd, 38, starting at striker.

The display now showed a cluster of bright pink and green polygons creeping over the east flank of the Sierras, near the town of Big Creek.

Above them ran the railway-line fifteen feet broad; above that, again, a cart-road of eighteen feet, flanked with footpaths.

"Slap your saddles on them fresh hosses," he grated harshly from the back of a deep-chested, lean-flanked gray.

It is an imposing church of red stone, the great entrance being flanked by low, square-topped towers.

Flanked on each side by a policeman, I pass through winding corridors, and finally ascend to the private office of the Chief.

And a very silent Sara Lee, flanked with pillow and blankets, who sat back alone and tried to recall the tones of Harvey's voice.