Flanking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flanking:

In fact, the true tug only begins when we try to carry the second line and the flanking machine guns.

Passing the flanking line of mesas, Bill pushed his way up a watercourse between two foothills.

Flanking these are sacred figures, which are too small to be attractive at a greater distance than six yards.

Once more we robbed the stone wall, building our two flanking paths of stepping-stones to the other side of the brook.

A considerable effort at ornamentation has been made on the walls flanking the balcony described.

At first the fire was most severe in the warehouses flanking the Grand Square and along the quays.

Well, that's Rowley's flanking column of levies and the Massachusetts men.

The cavalry flanking circuits made possible the driving of the enemy from his extended position.

It was now dusk, but the two regiments engaged in the flanking movement pushed on to gain the bluff.

Now warned of the approach of the flanking column, he moved rapidly to counter it.