Flapper [noun]

Definition of Flapper:

limb, appendage

Synonyms of Flapper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flapper:




Sentence/Example of Flapper:

Fleur was not a flapper, not one of those slangy, ill-bred young females.

The sick man moved a hand, weakly, as though it were the yellow flapper of some wounded amphibian.

The motor chugged slowly up Broadway, nosing for a path about a slowly driven truck; the flapper looked back.

Now in his hot rage he included the flapper in the glare he put upon her unconscious father.

But during pauses in the afternoon's work the island vision became blurred by the singular energies of the flapper.

"I suppose people have been wondering where I was," confessed the flapper as they descended upon the granite steps.

Breede was oblivious; the flapper permitted herself a severe double nod.

He did not believe he would dare be wrecked on a desert island with the other one, if the flapper knew about it.

Yet when he left in the morning the flapper lurked for him as ever, materializing from an apparently vacant corridor.

The flapper's tone was calm and confident as one who relates a phenomenon that has become a commonplace.