Flaps [noun]

Definition of Flaps:

winged or extended part of an object

Synonyms of Flaps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flaps:

Sentence/Example of Flaps:

Something light flaps on the floor of the next cell, and the quick, short step has passed me by.

Jim fastened the flaps on the outside and went back to the camp-fire, where Talpers was storming up and down like a madman.

He is an old, grizzled man dressed in dungaree pants, a sweater, and a woolen cap with ear flaps.

So he kissed her; and when the flaps of the tent had closed behind her and her maids, he called Hossein.

He was buckling fast Trenchefer when the flaps of the next tent parted, and forth came a figure—his wife.

The flaps D rest against the outside of the box, and are held in place by the box cover.

A cock suddenly crows and fussily flaps his wings; he is slowly answered by the low of a calf, shut up in the stall.

Then the little flaps over the holes are closed, and the frog swallows this air, forcing it down into the baglike lungs.

Communication between auricles and ventricles is guarded by little flaps or valves.

The flaps of his waist-coat came half-way down his thighs, and the ends of his cravat reached to his waist.