Flaring [verb]

Definition of Flaring:

erupt, blow

Synonyms of Flaring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flaring:


Sentence/Example of Flaring:

Either way, he and others think the campfire flares are important.

When applied to old data, the method anticipated several powerful flares, although it missed some as well.

Together, the small but ubiquitous flares could be a source of energy to the corona that astronomers haven’t accounted for.

In the second scenario, which Metzger and his colleagues published last year, the flare of energy escapes the magnetosphere and travels a large distance — up to 1 million times the radius of the magnetar.

Specific features of those electron–gas interactions give each type of aurora its unique flare.

The old Negro watched the approaching flare of the head-light as he ran on, with a grim, defiant eye.

His chuckle stopped as lightning flare threw the shadow of a man across the ground at Joseph's feet.

In order to keep the flare-lights burning all kinds of materials had been sacrificed.

Jim agreed at once, handed over the care of his flare-lights to one of the men, and prepared for action.

The furnishings are many hued, the cushions a flare of color, and the pictures fantastically futuristic.