Flashlight [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flashlight:

This vest includes a USB port to charge your smartphone and a built-in flashlight.

I have to use the flashlight on my phone to find the wax at the bottom of my bag.

In one case, the city paid out $125,000 when officers allegedly fractured someone’s cheekbone with a flashlight.

Only one player gets a flashlight, and the others must follow them everywhere.

Urbexers scavenger-hunt for sites and then crawl through closed tunnels, scour old buildings, flashlight around finished mines, and trek through old military bases.

Worse, the scattered light makes it seem like illumination is coming from all directions at once, like shining a flashlight into fog.

A moment later you saw the beams of flashlights coming toward you, and without even thinking about it stepped silently off the path, into a welter of tangled bushes, and crouched to the ground.

Blocks can be combined in multiple ways to build different sensing objects — from rolling robots to smart flashlights.

Point-of-care ultrasound is like a flashlight inserted into the body.

If it’s only a winter storm season you fear, a few weeks of food and flashlight batteries should cover most of your bases.