Flasks [noun]

Definition of Flasks:

small container for liquid

Synonyms of Flasks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flasks:


Sentence/Example of Flasks:

Obviously that started with the temperature control mugs and flasks, but that IP lends itself to so many other application.

The team put bits of the plastic in flasks containing a liquid.

And more than one broken flask on its way to the rubbish heap was carefully carried up the hill to the hidden family.

Rashid, the attendant, knew all Kazmah's clients, and with the box or flask he gave them a quantity of the required drug.

Ward picked up a flask of corn whiskey and slipped it into his hip pocket.

One of the women raised Mysie up, gave her a drink from a flask containing cold tea, and sat her aside to rest a short time.

She caught up a flask of vinegar, and tried to restore the old priest to consciousness.

Bruce he frown, and meat and drink prepare; and when the hunter he return he say: 'The flask is broken all!

That morning, as the hunter go, he say, with cunning smile: 'A flask of wine for senora and senor.'

Behold a flask of water from the holy well Zemzem, sovereign remedy for the toothache.