Flatlands [noun]

Definition of Flatlands:

level land

Synonyms of Flatlands:

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Sentence/Example of Flatlands:

This, however, did not apply to the waters lying directly around the Poloe and Flatland groups.

“But the laws of Poloeland and those of Flatland are different,” said Amalatok, starting another objection.

But,” said the prime minister of Flatland, starting a difficulty, “who is to be greatest chief?

But there came a day, at last, when the inhabitants of Flatland were far indeed removed from the spirit of merriment.

We lay him flatly against the desk, which represents his world—Flatland, we mathematicians call it.

“No, I would have you defend only the Flatland property,” replied the blunt minister.

Their descendants inhabit the Great Isle of Flatland at the present day.

Not so,” said Amalatok, who joined the group at the moment, “the man paddles like a man of Flatland.

It was not long before the sea that separated Poloe Island from Flatland was crossed.

We may picture the inhabitants of flatland as moving either on the surface of a plane or between two parallel and adjacent planes.