Flatly [adverb]

Definition of Flatly:

in direct way

Synonyms of Flatly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flatly:


Sentence/Example of Flatly:

Even if Schumer wants to do this today, Manchin said flatly after the election, “I will not vote to do that.”

Eloise is granted one more year to enjoy her childhood, but Penelope’s request to continue her studies is flatly denied by Lady Featherington, who cautions that reading could confuse her thoughts.

Warnick, Robinhood’s CFO, flatly rejects the idea that the company might charge commissions.

In response to Pelosi and Schumer’s remarks, McConnell on Thursday flatly rejected their call for a big economic relief bill.

The men dropped the crowbars they had brought, and said flatly that they were not going to risk their throats in that devil's den.

Loyal Protestants refused it, therefore; flatly declined, though bidden and again bidden.

He faced the fact flatly and with the cool consideration of an uninterested counsellor.

Nelson now flatly refused obedience, on the ground of the local requirements in his part of the field.

"You mean that with all your infinite wisdom you can't do it," I accused flatly.

The two powers are represented to us as flatly irreconcilable.