Flattening [verb]

Definition of Flattening:

level out

Synonyms of Flattening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flattening:

Sentence/Example of Flattening:

Unlike many fish alive today, Tiktaalik had a flattened skull and elongated snout that would have made traditional suction feeding difficult.

The idea is to slow it until enough of the population has been vaccinated, he said, comparing it with early efforts to “flatten the curve” to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

In data from powerlifting competitions, for example, progress also seems to flatten out after about a year, even though the powerlifters are presumably following far more sophisticated and rigorous periodized training plans.

Turn the chicken over and place it cut side down and, pressing firmly with your hands on the skin side, flatten the chicken.

We shouldn’t flatten every kind of villainy into a kind of broad evil that’s easy to dismiss.

Across the Midwest, extreme storms flattened crops and tore up buildings.

Meanwhile, rents in many areas are now flattening or falling as people turn their backs on pricey urban apartments.

In the early months of the pandemic, authorities urged the public to “flatten the curve” by following stay-at-home orders to give hospitals time to expand their capacity and protect their staffs.

Looking back, Washington Coach Ron Rivera realized Young could lead late in camp when he flattened Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson in a goal-line drill.

We don’t need to flatten emissions—we need to eliminate them as rapidly as possible.