Flattered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flattered:

DeChambeau also swings a driver that is longer and has a flatter club face than other golfers.

It’s no surprise that the Crasher is Electric’s bestselling women’s frame—the oversize square silhouette will flatter any face shape.

The Rail’s flatter shape means that using the pack with a full bladder of water leaves just enough volume to stow a tube, tools, a phone, and a couple snacks.

This had flattered his pride and his fondness for all dumb creatures had made them dear to him beyond his own belief.

The ministers at length flattered themselves that Harley's resolution might be rescinded.

Jessie recognized the Bond Street type of rich fool who is flattered for his money.

Wilson Lamb flattered himself on being pretty cool headed under all circumstances.

He flattered himself that by timely suggestion he had stumped at least half a dozen would-be candidates for Mildreds hand.

We are flattered by the suggestion of our Correspondent, but we must leave the agitation which he suggests to abler hands.

Perhaps the missionaries have flattered them with this origin until they have adopted it.