Flatteries [noun]

Definition of Flatteries:

false praise, compliments

Opposite/Antonyms of Flatteries:

Sentence/Example of Flatteries:

The problem, as we all know, is that flattery will get you nowhere.

During the eleven months since he had left England he had experienced neither encouragement nor flattery.

He's getting a little stiff in the joints of his good nature, but a good dose of flattery'll limber him up considerable.

She had a long struggle with herself, being fond of notice and flattery, and possessed of considerable pride.

They should be treated kindly, but not allowed too many toys and sweetmeats, nor too much flattery.

Julie acknowledged this flattery by a wan little smile, and following Hester out of the 24 room, went in to see her father.

By a "species of admirable flattery" Diard had made Juan his choice.

My idea of running amanuenses is by praise, not pudding, flattery and not coins!

To Richard and to Musa there were homage and flattery enough to addle wiser wits than theirs.

Illiterate but romantic, she was swept off her feet at the first touch of passion, and the flattery of being recognized!