Flattop [noun]

Definition of Flattop:

a ship that carries airplanes

Synonyms of Flattop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flattop:


Sentence/Example of Flattop:

Nevertheless we decided to ride out, and cross the Flattop rim, and go around what they call the Chinese Wall.

One more climb brought us to the top of the Flattop Pass, about eleven thousand feet.

The flattop picked it up by radio and they're both going to come on here tomorrow.

There was a Philippine gunboat and a mine-layer and an American flattop in plain view.

Now the flattop shot off plane after plane, as if they were projectiles.

The flattop made a sudden violent turn, and more foam appeared upon the water.

A colored print of Porfirio Daz (as a young man) dangled over the stained flattop desk.