Flatulent [adjective]

Definition of Flatulent:

pretentious, long-winded

Synonyms of Flatulent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flatulent:

Sentence/Example of Flatulent:

In flatulent and spasmodic affections of the bowels, and in gastric irritability.

Apply cupping glasses to the stomach and also to the navel, especially if the swelling be flatulent.

Potatoes, when eaten freely, are flatulent, but not inconvenient when eaten moderately.

It is a popular remedy in dyspepsia, flatulent colic, and heartburn.

In the flatulent colic of infants, and as an adjunct to aperient medicine.

But the countenance was unemotional while he offered a thick hand which proved singularly soft and flatulent under the callouses.

But let my young lord Crœsus come out with his flatulent nonsense, oh, that's the true ware for the market!

It is indicated in flatulent colic, atonic dyspepsia and diarrhœa and gives very good results.

How many of these flatulent writers have I known who have sunk in their reputation after seven or eight editions of their works!

The flatulent colic arises from the too great distention of the bowel by air, and consequent pain.