Flaunts [verb]

Definition of Flaunts:

make an exhibition, show off

Opposite/Antonyms of Flaunts:

Sentence/Example of Flaunts:

No less mock will we make of them, however, and we will flaunt in their faces that we have no fear of them.

It belonged to his dream of success—when a thousand banners should flaunt in the gardens of the Tuileries.

But fr'm now on ye can flaunt ye'er teeth in th' face iv anny inspictor.

Beloved, have I not tended you that you should thus flaunt me?'

She bloomed with alternatives—she resembled some dull garden-path which under a copious downpour has begun to flaunt with colour.

Humility and meekness are the qualities of a hidden life; they do not flaunt themselves before men's eyes.

He seemed to flaunt his body: she was aware of him so—the strong chest, the sides, the thighs in their close-fitting trousers.

Why was the Spring Longing so insolently apparent in every bud and bough, and why did they flaunt it so heartlessly in his face?

Pray tell me, Is this stern woman still upon the flaunt Of bold defiance?Petro.

His winking at Mr. Ellsworth as he walked away with his new recruit was taken as a deliberate attempt to flaunt his triumph.