Flavored [noun]

Definition of Flavored:

odor and taste

Synonyms of Flavored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flavored:

Sentence/Example of Flavored:

Lauren Chandler, a culinary instructor based in Portland, Oregon, likes to toss boiled potatoes with a vinaigrette and tons of fresh herbs to add heft and flavor to any salad.

With a little help from her mom and boyfriend, Mooreland gets settled in her new place — upgraded from a studio to a one-bedroom in downtown Chicago — then enhances the place with her vibe and flavor.

When neurophysiologist Debarghya Dutta Banik and colleagues turned off the sensing abilities of more specific taste cells in mice, the researchers were startled to find other cells responding to flavors.

She studies the brain’s response to flavor and food at Mersin University in Turkey.

Our plan is anchored by a new centralized 12-acre park, which will help the ballot measure succeed rather than turning voters off by offering them a massive traffic-generating development with no local flavor.

Taste buds bind to chemicals in food and signal the flavor to the brain.

There are, however, different flavors, or sources, of discrimination.

Super important — it kind of gets short shrift, because people think of the flavor as sort of the most dramatic thing about meat.

European tobacco is lacking in flavor and is less powerful than the tobacco of America.

The lighter the color of the tobacco the lighter the ash and the milder the flavor of the cigar.