Flavorless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flavorless:

The Bradfords found that the skin was full of a strong—almost rancid—oil, but the flesh, though rather flavorless, was not bad.

In the raw state it is flavorless, but when roasted in hot ashes, or cooked with meat, it makes a fine dish.

However, when another fat is to take the place of butter, one that is practically flavorless should be chosen.

In the lower districts it is not planted, for the Indians declare it to be flavorless when grown there.

They had soup for breakfast, greasy, flavorless stuff loaded with vegetables, and bread sour with long keeping.

But without this exposure and acidification, the butter is insipid and comparatively flavorless.

Then for a little while each had frequent dark-blue days, without quite realizing what made his world so flavorless.

He accounted the pursuit of such, a hazardous and flavorless exhibition of Lothario-ism which the refined age should frown down.

It was planted with a flavorless variety of seedling, which yielded an income quite insufficient for the demands of the family.

The apples of the past year are well-nigh gone, and the few that remain have lost their succulence, and are dry and flavorless.