Flawlessly [adverb]

Definition of Flawlessly:

exactly, fittingly

Synonyms of Flawlessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flawlessly:

Sentence/Example of Flawlessly:

The night of the summit, when the ball traditionally would have been held, had the kind of flawless fall weather organizers dream of.

Yet they both seemed flawlessly happy to others, and in a sort they seemed so to themselves.

And, arching over all, a sky as flawlessly blue as the dome of the Turquoise Mosque in Samarland.

She sat so fearlessly under bright light, and looked so flawlessly good.

Her gown fitted flawlessly, was built by the highest court of appeal on Parisian fashions, and suited her to perfection.

And for the rest of the day Belle played flawlessly the role of perfect hostess.

When the boots shone flawlessly, he carried them to Hillard's door and softly tiptoed back.

Constance was a thoroughbred and played her part flawlessly.

Patti acted the part with great simplicity and sang it flawlessly.

He acted as if he had demonstrated a Euclidean proposition flawlessly.