Flaws [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flaws:

Scratches and flaws in the glass of slide or cover are likewise a common source of confusion to beginners.

His warm and palpitating generalisations, for all the flaws in their reasoning, bear the irrefutable mark of moral reality.

The prisoner's counsel catch at supposed flaws of evidence, or bad character of witnesses, without meeting the case.

Daylight would be let into indictments, and flaws would soon be hard to find.

One of those fitful flaws of wind to which the lake is so liable struck the sail suddenly, and over went my boat.

The most even and beautiful varnishes and polishings will be found to be mere roughness, full of gaps and flaws.

Then flitting, exquisite, purple flaws struck across milk-opal water in the bay.

It's a wonderful, important book, in a way that renders its flaws pretty much meaningless.

"I see two flaws, therefore give me four more castles that I may support your right," said another great lord.

We must judge these flaws kindly, for all men are fallible, and bibliographers are no exception to the rule.