Flaxen [adjective]

Definition of Flaxen:

having light-colored hair

Synonyms of Flaxen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flaxen:

Sentence/Example of Flaxen:

I don't see how you can doubt that that flaxen-haired girl is a descendant of Medoc, Prince of Wales.

She had come to the hearth-rug, where lay the scissors, and nearly all my beautiful flaxen curls on the floor.

His mind may be full of their golden hair, expecting to find it flaxen at least.

Her hair was a pale flaxen and fluffed out naturally, worn severely back from her low forehead though it was.

Her bloom-tinted complexion was delicately fresh as ever; her dress was as becoming, her flaxen locks were as youthful.

Mr. Storey had two wigs, one of which was of a flaxen colour, without powder, and had only one lower row of curls.

The placid, flaxen-haired woman turned with the little silver box in her hand.

One of them had flaxen hair and blue eyes, and the other deep black hair and eyes.

She looked quite nautical in a suit of white duck and a yachting cap pinned to her flaxen hair.

That was a brave name, truly, for a flaxen-haired toddler; but the mountaineers love sonorous and stately names.