Flayed [verb]

Definition of Flayed:

remove skin, bark, hide, etc.

Synonyms of Flayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flayed:


Sentence/Example of Flayed:

Woe to you if you fall into his clutches; before you come out of them you will be plucked, veritably flayed.

His lordship would not intervene; he swore he hoped the cub would be flayed alive by Wilding.

How could a fellow of such insolent pretensions have escaped being flayed alive ere he reached the age he looked to be?

Otter was flayed, and Reidmar commanded the Æsir to fill the skin with gold, and cover it without that not a hair could be seen.

After the specimen had been flayed, the skin and a good supply of dogs' meat were hauled across and sledged home.

And tomorrow I shall eat you—and you, worthless lazy she-trash, will have the hide flayed off your back!

Certain men came to Badur, from the kingdom of the Colii, who demanded tribute; but he flayed them alive.

I have walked the pillars and trodden the temples till my feet are flayed, and the child is no whit better.

Flayed, mutilated, dishonoured as they have been, these gigantic statues are still in place.

Before it can be flayed quantities of boiling water have to be poured down its throat.