Flays [verb]

Definition of Flays:

remove skin, bark, hide, etc.

Synonyms of Flays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flays:


Sentence/Example of Flays:

If one of you dare utter a syllable against this holy man, by Heaven, I will flay him alive.

But what, it may be asked, is the worth and use of a satire that drags out vices from their hiding-holes to flay them in sunshine?

But the personal aggression on the wit by the dunce, may fairly instigate the wit to flay the dunce.

He cuts off the head, grallochs the stag and begins to flay it.

And when that tongue gets going it can certainly flay a man alive, remarked Wheeler.

He becomes the object of sidelong glances and meaning smiles; persistent, he becomes the theme of gibe and jest to flay the skin.

These terrific winds frequently flay the trees with cutting blasts of sand.

O Rubicante, see thou plant thy clutches on him, and flay him!'

In faith, I do not intend to flay myself, to unbeard the best lady in the land.

Again Hertha heard him flay the man to whom she had so unreservedly given her love, and again she shrank from his bitter words.