Fled [verb]

Definition of Fled:

run away to escape

Opposite/Antonyms of Fled:



Take on









Sentence/Example of Fled:

These residents then killed the parish priest, and without arms fled for safety to the mountain ravines.

He took Judy by the hand, and the two fled hatless in the direction of the sound of the sea.

So precipitously had the guerrillas fled that except the severely wounded, few prisoners were taken.

Firing a random volley, those that lived turned and fled, pursued by the scouts.

All the princes are fled together, and are bound hard: all that were found, are bound together, they are fled far off.

The moment the money had arrived, Michael's previous anxieties fled from his bosom, and left him as happy as a boy without a care.

Enough for him that it was one of the hated race, to be killed in a violent hurry or fled from in tremendous haste!

On Louis entering his chamber, he sent away Lorenzo; that he, at least, might enjoy the sleep that fled his master's eyes.

She waited for no further formalities, but shaken with the sure foreboding of calamity, turned and fled the room.

Consequently the horrified spectators, having for a moment looked on aghast, fled precipitately from the room.