Fleeced [verb]

Definition of Fleeced:

plunder, steal

Synonyms of Fleeced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleeced:



Sentence/Example of Fleeced:

From these have descended the high-bred, silken-fleeced Saxons, whose wool stands confessedly without a rival.

So the sea-god sent a golden-fleeced ram, which Phryxus and Helle mounted and thus escaped from their cruel stepmother.

Call upon Dr Jolliffe indeed, to get a couple of school-boys, whom he had fleeced, into a shindy!

This crime syndicate had its agents in many cities, where victims were selected and sent to the mountains to be fleeced.

If they suppose I'm going to pay half-a-crown for the privilege of being fleeced——!

It makes me weep to think how we fleeced—I mean entertained—those Coney Islanders.

Drennen sought the way to make restitution to the friends who had been fleeced through his advice.

And if you've been fleeced by that shark of a Squire Lemington, why, there are a lot of others in the same fix.

ONCE upon a time a hunter went to the mountains to hunt, and met there a golden-fleeced ram.

Well, I call it a shame for the Army to be fleeced for that thing.